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Fuhrmann 48H

Fuhrmann 48H v 1.0

MoreRealistic by Dural , Washable, Multi Fruit
Hi Com,
here a carter 3-axle bogie for moreRealistic Mod by Dural
( Http:// )
Capacity: 32,000 liters of fruit , 40,800 liters of chaff , hay and straw
the whole Washable with detailed Dirttexturen .
fruitTypes = ” chaff grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow sugarbeet potato wheat barley rape maize grass manure
re :
hemp silage forage millet spelled triticale rye sunflower oat ”
Häckselaufbau activated with NumPad_7
dirtInterval = “2″ cleaningInterval = “15″
All tested with the automatic car wash on my map:

! MoreRealisticMod and Beta Patch v2.03 is needed !


Tommy, Dural

Download: link [direct][MP]

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