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Dear Modbox community I want to introduce to you today my Cistern with cultivator for Farming Simulator 2013!
It works in SP and MP in only wonderful it just has some errors but the UV affect the game!

It has:
* Lighting script v3.1
* Suitable Spotlight
* New tires with tire pressure control systems (non-working) (Agroton155)
* Power detention (SFM)
* Folding cultivator
* The barrel has 3 points for cultivators
* Cultivator has 2 new RUL get (Johni 6530)
* All files converted to the better dds format
* The cultivator has now indicators, lights etc.
* New skin for the drum
* Cultivator was the texture adapted

So of it is about it now is nothing special but maybe you könnz yes what to do with it
PS. Please unpack!
Samson Mfg Schlosser

Download: Kotte Garant v2.2 [] Download: Kotte Garant v2.2 []

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