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The 2007 Peterbilt 379 runs on a Caterpillar C-15 engine with 475 horsepower, Has a front axel capacity of 12,000 lbs. and a rear axel capacity of 38,000 lbs., with a rear end ratio of 3:36.
This truck features a 13-speed transmission, tandem axels and a Pete Flex Air suspension system.

All issues Indicated in the Daycab version’s support topics have been Addressed in this release. Increased camera “pan” added distance. Cruise settings adjusted. And additional missing input bindings l1on script added.

The truck come in Black, Red and Withe, in alternative left you have the red and white ones.


Model: Jon (Cascadia), and RBR-DUK
Ingame: seriousmods
Textures by Julian11 [Big Boss Modding] Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06

Beleuchtung v3.1.1 by Sven777b
Driving Particle System by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Dynamic Exhausting System by Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
MMRearCam by MMAgrarservice
Real Exhaust Particle System by modelleicher

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