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It was everything new they worked ha also a large blank area for building of forestry mods and also a small forest near the BGA as known by me are all map unfortunately without animals BUT this time the cows since diei cows because I need personally no sheep and chickens so now on the subject of the

BGA: it was made from scratch where in the nechsten version maybe something will be rebuilt

HOF: he was jetz to another spot placment with potato and beet warehouse and a grain storage shed is included and a sowing shelter

COWS: they are still there where they were in the other MAP and now work.

all other Fuktionen as traffic and … entvernt be in the next version.

Tip: I empfele monney a mod and the anfags vehicles please sell dan you must not plague you with the mountains.

you can if you want the map also where otherwise upload



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